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Tigers Athletics

Brentsville High School


Tigers Athletics

Brentsville High School

Tigers Athletics

Brentsville High School

Team News.

Team News

8 months ago @ 7:19AM

State Championship Results

Girls: 5th Place

  1. Lydia Goetz                       18:52 (3rd Place)
  2. Abby Seigel                      20:36 (36th Place)
  3. Sarah James                      20:53 (41st Place)
  4. Meredith Crockett             21:06 (45th Place)
  5. Rachel Landry                   21:26 (52nd Place)
  6. Katie Dawson                   21:47 (61st Place)
  7. Autumn Yohn                   22:46 (78th Place)

Boys: 6th Place

  1. Brandon Close                  16:52 (24th Place)
  2. Andrew Rice                     17:21 (40th Place)
  3. Drew Davey                      17:28 (42nd Place)
  4. Andrew Broemmel            17:30 (44th Place)
  5. Jamey Bocompani             17:46 (54th Place)
  6. William Sawyer                 17:57 (63rd Place)
  7. Patrick Broemmel              18:03 (71st Place)

Team News

8 months ago @ 11:17AM

Cross Country Banquet Food and Supplies List

Cooke-- set-up, banana pudding, napkins

Ferrufino--stuffed shells

Sharp-- set-up, TBD

Fleischauer--green bean salad and smores bars

Bocompani-- sandwich platter and chocolate eclair cake

Seigel-- boneless wings

Pannell--Crock pot of chili, styrofoam bows and plastic spoons

Aleemi--chicken bites and potato salad


Lomax--dessert and sweet tea

Nguyen--fried rice

Ashpole-- mac and cheese, cups, napkins

Goetz--drinks, forks, and plates

Yergey--baked ziti, tossed salad, plates, plastic cutlery

Shelton--brownies and napkins



McCann--Chips and fun salsa dip and caramel apple bars

Sucic-- white cupcakes and baked ziti

James--apple bourbon pulled pork and rolls

Frizzle--white chicken spaghetti and baked apples with vanilla ice cream

Crockett--dessert and bottled water

McNally--Italian meatballs

Warner--Mac and cheese and fruit

Letiecq--Crock pot barbecue meatballs

Owens--Salad and fruit tray

Anderson--Veggie platter

Sullins--Carolina pulled pork and slaw

Asturias--Honey barbecue wings and cookies

Lewis--Subs, macaroni salad, and chips

Mathis--Potato Salad


Davey--Chicken nugget platter

Hairfield--Lemon blossom dessert

Kim--Chips and cheese dip

Wolfe-- Chili and fixings

Schaan--Chicken Alfredo pasta


Duncan--Green beans

Sawyer--Turkey rollup sandwiches

Hennessy--Veggie tray and hummus, lemonade


Team News

8 months ago @ 9:09AM

Cross Country Banquet, Sunday (11/12) @ 5:00PM in BDHS Cafeteria

Sunday, November 12th, 5:00-6:00PM in BDHS Cafeteria; 6:00-7:00PM in BDHS Auditorium

Parents and Runners,

Come one, come all to the annual Brentsville District High School Cross Country Banquet!

I hope to see all runners, their parents, and other family members at the banquet.  If they are family to you, then they are family to us.  We will celebrate all of our hard work and the many rewards it has reaped.

I will be looking for lots of help, though.  I ask that each runner’s family bring a dinner dish or a dessert for us to add to the feast.  We will also need paper plates, bowls, cups, dinnerware, and napkins (and knowing this crew, LOTS of napkins:))

If you could please e-mail me at and let me know what you will be able to bring, I would appreciate it.  I will begin to compile a list and will put it on the Brentsville Athletics website so that we can see what has been covered and what needs we might still have.

I will also need some additional help from some parents who are able to help me coordinate the set-up.  If you are willing and able to help with this, please e-mail me to let me know so that we can start making arrangements.

Thank you for all of your help and support and I look forward to hopefully seeing all of you on Sunday, November 12th.

Coach Taylor


Team News

8 months ago @ 8:46AM

Cross Country Weekly Schedule (November 6-12)

Monday (November 6) 2:30-3:45PM @ BDHS

--Workout on campus

--Ice baths

Tuesday (November 7) 2:30-3:45PM @ BDHS

--Maintenance Run (35-40 minutes)

--Ice baths

Wednesday (November 8) 2:30-3:45PM @ BDHS

--Workout on campus

--Ice baths

Thursday (November 9) 2:30-3:45PM @ BDHS

--Maintenance Run (35-40 minutes)

--Ice Baths

Friday (November 10) 12:45-4:45PM @ BDHS

--12:45PM (meet at track)

--1:00PM (depart for Great Meadow)

--1:30PM (arrive at Great Meadow)

--Set up tent, purchase t-shirts, alternates begin warm-up

--Preview course (light run and accelerations)

--3:00PM Alternates’ race

--@4:30PM Arrive back at BDHS

--Ice baths

Saturday (November 11)

--10:15AM (meet in gym foyer)

--10:30AM (bus departs)

--1:00PM Girls’ 3A State Championship Race

--1:45PM Boys’ 3A State Championship Race

Sunday (November 12)

--Cross Country Banquet

--5:00-6:00PM in cafeteria

--6:00-7:00PM in auditorium

Team News

8 months ago @ 7:18PM

3A Region B Championship Results

*All-Region Honors

Boys:  1st Place

  1. Brandon Close             16:51 (2nd Place)*
  2. Andrew Rice               16:53 (4th Place)*
  3. Andrew Broemmel      17:25 (8th Place)*
  4. Drew Davey                17:25 (9th Place)*
  5. William Sawyer           17:44 (13th Place)*
  6. Jamey Bocompani       17:45 (15th Place)*     
  7. Patrick Broemmel        18:11 (25th Place)
  8. Justin Hairfield            18:26
  9. Drew Ryder                18:41
  10. Aidan Larkin               18:50

Girls:  2nd Place

  1. Lydia Goetz                 19:10 (1st Place)*
  2. Abby Seigel                20:09 (7th Place)*
  3. Sarah James                20:49 (14th Place)*
  4. Rachel Landry             20:57 (16th Place)
  5. Meredith Crockett       20:59 (17th Place)
  6. Katie Dawson             21:34 (21st Place)
  7. Autumn Yohn             22:14 (31st Place)
  8. Rachel Simmons         22:34
  9. Jacqueline Nguyen      22:48
  10. Katie Frizzle                22:53

Team News

8 months ago @ 6:07PM

District Championship Results

*Qualified for Regional Team

Boys: 1st Place out of 6 teams

  1. Brandon Close             17:02* (2nd Place, Varsity)
  2. Andrew Rice               17:36* (4th Place, Varsity)
  3. Andrew Broemmel     17:52* (7th Place, Varsity)
  4. Drew Davey                 18:01* (8th Place, Varsity)
  5. Jamey Bocompani      18:10* (12th Place, Varsity)
  6. William Sawyer          18:16* (14th Place, Varsity)
  7. Patrick Broemmel       18:26* (5th Place, JV)
  8. Justin Hairfield            18:36* (7th Place, JV)
  9. Aidan Larkin                19:01* (12th Place, JV)
  10. Drew Ryder                 19:03* (13th Place, JV)
  11. Alex Fuentes               19:30   (21st Place, JV)
  12. Benjamin Pannell       19:31   (22nd Place, JV)
  13. Walter Seigel              19:35   (26th Place, JV)
  14. Colin McNally              19:42   (26th Place, JV)
  15. Ryan Ashpole              19:57   (30th Place, JV)
  16. Curtis Schaan              20:58   (44th Place, JV)


Varsity: 1st Place out of 5 teams

JV: 2nd Place out of 3 teams

  1. Lydia Goetz                 20:01* (2nd Place, Varsity)
  2. Abigail Seigel              20:51* (6th Place, Varsity)
  3. Sarah James               21:22* (11th Place, Varsity)
  4. Rachel Landry             21:30* (12th Place, Varsity)
  5. Meredith Crockett       21:33* (13th Place, Varsity)
  6. Katie Dawson              22:14* (19th Place, Varsity)
  7. Autumn Yohn              22:20* (7th Place, JV)
  8. Jacqueline Nguyen      23:30* (12th Place, JV)
  9. Rachel Simmons         23:40* (30th Place, Varsity)
  10. Mariam Owens           23:54   (13th Place, JV)
  11. Katie Frizzle                24:01* (14th Place, JV)
  12. Abigail Lewis              24:33   (17th Place, JV)
  13. Katie Allison                24:56.0 (19th Place, JV)
  14. Ariana Grant               24:56.4 (20th Place, JV)
  15. Juliana Asturias          24:59    (22nd Place, JV)
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