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Tigers Athletics

Brentsville High School


Tigers Athletics

Brentsville High School

Tigers Athletics

Brentsville High School

Team News.

Team News

8 months ago @ 9:18AM

17-18 Roster

Congrats to the following swimmers!

See you at CPAC Monday for our first practice!

Bus 362 - 2:45-4:00.


  1. Justin Gregory

  2. Cole Gideonse

  3. Jonathan Brooks

  4. Ryan Hutcherson

  5. Chris Maksimowicz

  6. Daniel Stark

  7. Mitchell Clark

  8. JP Kenneally

  9. Josh Huffman

  10. Andrew Mickus

  11. Jack Cataneo

  12. Brett Forseth

  13. Ike Davis

  14. Nick Cotton

  15. Ricky Casillas



  1. Kate Missar

  2. Colette Vaughn

  3. Annabel Bergeron

  4. Caitlyn Moore

  5. Hannah Conway

  6. Alannah Post

  7. Caitlin Johnson

  8. Anna Park

  9. Delaynie Brinkman

  10. Cassie Rozman

  11. Cailyn Scott

  12. Rebecka Stark

  13. Emmary Banachoski

  14. Alexandra Thorpe

  15. Kendall Frazier

  16. Ally Atkinson

  17. Isabel Bae

  18. MJ Hinkle

  19. Charlotte Pizzillo

  20. Leila Post

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:16PM

Tryout Information

  • Tryouts will take place Tuesday-Thursday, November 8th – 10th, from 2:45-4:00 PM at Central Park Aquatic Center. On the 8th, there is no school for students as it is Election Day; therefore, there will not be a bus to take students to tryouts that day and students will need to make arrangements. Otherwise, students will be provided a bus from school to take to the pool, and students will need to have a personal ride for pick up NO LATER THAN 4:15 from the pool. If this is a conflict with your schedule, please make arrangements AHEAD OF TIME. During tryouts, students will be swimming various races so that coaches can evaluate for legality as well as collect times. The team roster will then be posted by Friday, November 11th, on the team’s website.
  • In order for students to tryout, they must have the following paperwork BEFORE they can enter the pool: a signed concussion form, an updated physical from no later than May 1st,  and a blue emergency card with parent signatures. If students do not have this completed paperwork to hand in, they should NOT come to tryouts. There will be another concussion training session at BDHS on November 1st; please check the school’s website for details.

Team News

1 year ago @ 1:17PM

Parent Meeting - OCTOBER 26th

There will be a parent-swimmer meeting on October 26th at 6:30PM in the BDHS cafeteria. We will start collecting the paperwork mentioned above as well as have information outlining the season. Further, we will be looking for parents to help by volunteering for various positions throughout the season like apparel coordinator, officials, volunteer coordinator, team moms, and end-of-season coordinator. In addition, we will need parents to volunteer to help during tryouts as we will need at least two timers per lane.
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